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Moving & Odd Job Assistance

Our Labor Services

All services have a two hour minimum charge. We do not service large pianos or safes. We do not provide moving trucks.

for residential needs

Helping with Household Moves

Whether you’re moving across the country, across town, or simply rearranging within your home, moving means lifting, loading, and physical work – work our bodies aren’t used to. With College Movers, you can reduce the “pain of moving” while supporting local college students. You’ll save money, time, and your back, while knowing you’ve helped up-and-coming college students. Imagine the work being done faster as you direct your crew as needed. College Movers can help ease the load.

For the professional workplace

Business Needs

When you need to rearrange your offices, relocate work space, or deal with items in storage, it can be both distracting and dusty work. Often, you find yourself having to take a couple of days completely distracted from business or customer care. Employees have to “dress casual” and regularly end up in physical discomfort for several days. Many end up sore, exhausted, and even hurt. College Movers can handle the physical lifting while your team does the organizational thinking. AND, you will have the confidence of knowing you’ve helped local college students and meet future community leaders.

for home or office

Loading & Unloading

Small companies loading and unloading for deliveries, homeowners making a move, businesses adjusting office space – all can find themselves in need of helping hands. Finding dependable, intelligent, articulate help can sometimes be difficult. In your community, College Movers contracts with young, smart, local college students who need work and are willing to do the heavy lifting. Use our scheduling tool to check availability and get started with a better, more affordable experience today.

For Christmas/Holiday Lighting

Christmas Light Setup/Take Down

College Movers now provides Christmas light setup and takedown services during the winter! We can work with each custom setup to get your house looking festive for the holidays. You can provide the lights, or we can help build an estimate for the new setup you’ve been wanting!

Installation pricing typically ranges from $250-$400 for single-story homes and $350-$500 for two-story homes. We can also bundle in taking down the lights for $150. 
Currently, it is only available with our Myrtle Beach and Utah County locations.  

for the odd jobs you have

We Do More Than Move

College Movers got started helping households move. However, people began asking if we can help with odd jobs around the home or office. Our students said, “Yes!” Whether you’re needing help with spring-cleaning, a landscape project, setting-up or breaking-down for a backyard party, we may have just the right student(s) to help you out. Start by submitting your information and we will look to find a match. College Movers may be able to help move your project forward faster (and for less).

for events or event planners

Set-Up & Clean-Up

Special events can leave a sour taste in your mouth because of needs before and after the event. Setting up tables, chairs, decorations, loading and unloading food and beverages…this hard work has to happen. And after the event, it all has to be undone! Event planners (whether professional or family/friends) often become the “crew” having to physically and mentally do all the work. Let us help. College Movers can have a crew ready for your event. For a small investment financially, you will experience a great return experientially as you focus on where things, rather than putting them there yourself. And afterwards, having an intelligent, motivated crew to help with your needs? That’s priceless!

Is the Hassle of Moving Weighing You Down?

Let Us Do The Heavy Lifting For You.